Wednesday, May 27, 2009


H&M Fall '09
I have been waiting for something like this to arrive on the high street.
I love the fact that everything has a very definite and edgy (literally) silhouette. The deconstruction of the tops, the tights and the pants is inspiring.
All in all, lovely collection. A huge relief from the highly disappointing Matthew Williamson for H&M line.
I'm hoping this will arrive soon here, so, I can finally get my hands on a pair of gorgeous, black, leather platform boots, a structured black jacket and a lovely black biker jacket.

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Flora said...

What always pisses me off about high street is the way they usually ruin everything by the materials. A plastic jacket is not one and the same as a leather one, etc...
This does look rather nice though, so I hope H&M does it right this time..