Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Everybody's youth is a dream, a form of chemical madness.

I don't believe in time. I never can and never will.
The time can be whatever I want it to be, I don't need to conform to what the world views as 'time'. I suppose, if you think about it, life is a dream. But, perhaps not an empty one. I don't know how to fill the empty spaces, though.

Perhaps, the only thing I believe in, is day and night.
Especially when the stars shine down.

Current wishlist:
Nikon analog camera
Polaroid camera
Art Nouveau style antique chandelier
The Velvet Underground oversized band t-shirt
Laduree's macaroons
Boxes et boxes of Twining's gunpowder tea
Lace parasol
Balenciaga boots
A bunch of perfect white gardenias
Marie Antoinette DVD
Ulysses, James Joyce, October 1935 copy, illustrated by Matisse
Gracelands/Wastelands record
Louis XV armchair
Falke lace tights
Boucheron gold snake ring
Tom Binns safety pin necklace
Black Chanel 2.55
Straw hat
(Does this seem too shallow? Ah well.)
Camilla Akrans, tumblr


AuberginesAndLemons said...

I never knew this was your new blog.Man Farwah's next to me and she won't says hi.The pictures are fabulous as always.Let's see,will have to contact a very rich Fairy Godmother(not to mention generous) for your shallow materialistic ventures(lol).How I want to be rich!

Lily said...

Oh shallowness. Wh says it's a fault ? It's like being frivolous, a girl can't be one without it. I want your wishlist, I'll fedex you some macaroons...

Sukaina said...

Haha, thank you, love.
Oh, guess what? I'm trying to learn how to make some. They're ever so tedious, and, I'm a tad scared they'll taste like socks.
Hee hee.