Sunday, December 13, 2009

I keep my own personality in a cupboard under the stairs at home so that no one else can see it or nick it.

Soundtrack of the Day: Perfect Day by The Kinks.


Flora said...

i fucking love this quote!! isn't it by that comedian who used to be in the vicar of derby and stuff like that, dawn something?

Sukaina said...

Dawn French!
Ahh, I love her autobiography. Bloody good read :]

AuberginesAndLemons said...

LOVE THE QUOTE.And the first picture is so cute.

Lilyput said...

She's very ethereal isn't she?

Lilyput said...

Aw man totally commented on the wrong post.

Ah well, Dawn French. Vicar of Dibley.
Biggest natural boobs ever to grace our tv screens.