Monday, October 4, 2010

I put my heart and my soul into my work, and have lost my mind in the process.

Interviewer (I)- How old are you?
Patient (P)- Why, I am centuries old, sir.
I- How long have you been here?
P- I have been now on this property on and off for a long time. I cannot say the exact time because we are absorbed by the air at night, and they bring back people. They kill up everything; they can make you lie; they can talk through your throat.
I- Who is this?
P- Why, the air.
I- What is the name of this place?
P- This place is called a star.
I- Who is the doctor in charge of your ward?
P- A body just like yours, sir. They can make you black and white. I say good morning, but he just comes through there. At first it was a colony. They said it was heaven. These buildings were not solid at the time, and I am positive this is the same place...

- A schizophrenic patient speaking to his/her interviewer.
(White, 1964)


Nikhat said...

I just posted a B&W inspired post too. I love the pics, especially the Sam Riley one and the last one.
Sometimes I really want to meet a schizophrenic....

AuberginesAndLemons said...

The photographs are amazing as usual.
It breaks my heart to read that interview.I suppose schizophrenia is like the world is sucking your brains out of you.What you see is unreal but aren't all of us slightly schizophrenic ourselves?We also imagine or invent circumstances or things so that we don't have to look at the world the way it is.